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Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Buy One, Give One Deodorant Project

1 in 8 women in the USA alone will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. The importance of using non toxic deodorant to help prevent illnesses is not talked about enough. I want to change this!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a creator of all natural vegan deodorant, my business goes hand in hand with this cause. I had many restless nights thinking about what I can do to help. Originally, I thought I would donate a percentage of my proceeds to a cancer charity. But who knows where that money is actually going... and I kept coming back to the thought of wanting to make a difference in REAL women's lives.Then I had this idea that I know will truly help people:

Buy One, Give One - for every deodorant sold during the month of October, I'm giving away a free deodorant to a breast cancer survivor.

As a purchaser, you are making a huge impact on someone's life & I thank you so much for your support! 

I started this business to help people. I believe in the power of this deodorant. I know how great it works and how it can truly heal people. I feel so incredibly blessed that I've already changed so many lives, and this month we'll be able to help so many more women.


  • I just wanted to say your deodorants are awesome my daughter got them for me back in August thank you so much keep up the good work

  • You are sold out of all of your products! How do I get notified when you have more stock??

    Barnett Georgia
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